There are travel experiences in life that truly change a person. For every adventurous traveller, taking road trips are a must, as it satiates wanderlust and nourishes the soul. We’ve created a list of the most spectacular and breath-taking road trips in India for that reason. Adding these road adventures to your bucket list is highly recommended, or perhaps, just grab the keys and go!

1. Roads Trips from Manali to Leh

Approx distance: 474 Km            Approx duration: 13 h 45 mins

One word cannot capture all the beauty and sights you’ll see in this 2-day road trip towards the heart of Ladakh. Enchanting landscapes, feeling of desolation, and some say, it’s the place where the Earth meets the sky. You’ll start from Manali, pass by Rohtang La, Keylong and head towards Leh. The roads are only open during summer months, usually around June to September, so plan your trip ahead of time.

2. Roads Trips from Bangalore to Bandipur

Approx distance: 225 Km            Approx duration: 4 h 26 mins

Itching for a weekend getaway but don’t have enough vacation leaves to go afar from Bangalore? A weekend road trip to Bandipur for safari might just be the dose of adventure you need. This two-day trip will give you ample time for some breakfast in Channapatna, a stroll at the grand Mysore Palace and  enchanting forest road of Bandipur.

3. Roads Trips from Srinigar to Leh

Approx distance: 415 Km           Approx duration: 8 h 8 mins

Sometimes, a change of scenery is all you need to get yourself back on track, but we’ll warn you ahead of time. This alternate route to reach Leh might just be too much for the not-so-brave and adventurous soul. Unless you’re up to driving past crazy roads, snowy peaks and desolate alien-like landscapes, then you’re going to miss the best road trip in India. You’ll drive from Kashmir’s lakeside paradise, towards Kargil and the breathtaking Zojila Pass, and into glorious valleys of Ladakh.


4. Roads Trips from Mumbai to Goa

Approx distance: 583 Km           Approx duration: 10 h 2 mins

Need some vitamin SEA? The road trip from Mumbai to Goa is an adventure that one should at least take once in your lifetime. From the city ghats to the mountainside expressway, heed to calling until you smell the scent of the sea. Besides, do you have a better idea than driving towards the India’s beach and party paradise?

5. Roads Trips from Chennai to Munnar

Approx distance: 583 Km           Approx duration: 10 h 12 mins

This is one of the most enchanting road trips with nature. It’s the perfect getaway from Chennai’s hot weather for a weekend. Imagine driving away from the coastline towards the evergreen mainland. You can make some pit stops in Viluppuram and Trichy for a short visit to historical sites and temples, until you reach the rolling tea highlands of Munnar.

6. Roads Trips from Delhi to Jaipur

Approx distance: 273 Km             Approx duration: 4 h 49 mins

The road trip to Jaipur from the country’s capital is well-paved and maintained. Although this might be one of the most travelled road for tourists from Delhi or Agra, it’s almost one of the most colourful one. Escape from the hustle and noise of Delhi towards Jaipur and you’ll see the stark contrast in architecture and culture. There are also a lot of restaurants along the way, a great way to refuel and try local Rajasthani cuisine.

7. Roads Trips from Jaipur to Jaisalmer

Approx distance: 613 Km             Approx duration: 9 h 16 mins

If you wish to continue your adventure from Jaipur, the road trip from the pink city to the golden city is your next best route. You’ll have no worry about the condition of the roads but we urge you to schedule this during cooler months. Left and right, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the golden sands of the desert. And then you’ll be amazed to see from time to time, that there are villages that sprout in the horizon that’s teeming with busy life.


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